We can import and register your car anywhere in Spain!

If you’re thinking of importing a car to Spain have you thought about the re-registering process and what it entails? Perhaps you’re dreading going through all the procedures or spending hours reading through rules and regulations.

importing a car to spainWhat you need is a reliable service you can trust. Someone you can rely upon to take you through the process easily and stress-free. This is where Alicante Office comes in.  If you are planning on importing a car to Spain please click here for a free no obligation quote.

We are a family-run business speaking both native English and native Spanish and we’ve been established in Alicante City for more than 10 years, helping many satisfied customers importing a car, motorbike or motor home to Spain.  We re-register vehicles from not only Europe, but as far away as America, Japan and Saudi Arabia, so you can see just how easy it is importing a car to Spain.

Our aim is to help you with the process of importing a car to Spain by providing such an outstanding service that you will be pleased to tell your friends and neighbours. We want to make things easy for you.

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What Documents are needed for importing a car to Spain?

The process of importing a car to Spain is not lengthy or difficult as long as you have professional help, and Alicante Office can offer you this.  We aim to complete each vehicle registration within 7 working days although the process can often be completed within 4 working days.

The following paperwork is needed for importing a car to Spain:

What can Alicante Office Do For You?

  • We can provide this re-registration service for vehicles registered anywhere in the world, although most of our clients have British registered cars.  Click here for a no obligation quote to re-register your car onto Spanish plates.
  • If you have purchased a Spanish registered car and want to change the documentation into your name, we can arrange this too.   Click here for further details.
  • If you’re thinking of buying a Spanish registered car, let us arrange a full background check, which is advisable.  Click here for further details.
  • We’ll take all the pressure off you. We can change documentation for second-hand cars, carry out driver license applications, and deal with any processes involving vehicles and the Spanish system, such as change of details in your local traffic department.
  • We visit the Spanish tax office and the Traffic office on behalf of our clients. We also settle the vehicle road tax and order the Spanish number plates once the new Spanish registration document is released.

Contact the team at Alicante Office if you’re ready to register a car in Spain or have any queries, and we’ll be happy to give you advice and pricing for the re-registration process.   Anyone wanting to register a car in Spain will receive excellent service from Alicante Office.